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Adding a bench to your garden can bring so much joy. Imagine a quiet moment of contemplation while you ponder what to plant, or think about what to do next. They can give you the chance to see your garden from a whole new perspective. The Leisure bench commercial quality benches are equally at home in a small garden or large estate, to offer a resting point on your daily walk or placed alongside canals, in local parks or commercial developments.

The range of benches available at Leisure bench offers exceptional choice and value, in both natural wood or 100% recycled plastic. Whether you are looking for a simple bench seat only design offering practical and great value seating, or something more complex we have many options to choose from. You may want to really lounge back and choose from those offering a back or both back and arm rests. Whatever you choose we are sure you will be impressed and if you can’t find something that perfectly suits your space, we could also provide bespoke made-to-measure options for you.

Benches You May Not Have Considered

Why not make the most of the trees in your garden or estate and spend time sitting watching the world go by with one of our stylish half or full tree seats? We have them to fit both small and large trees, providing a stunning natural canopy you will find it hard to leave.

If you are looking to place a memorial bench in your garden for a loved one, or at their favourite beauty spot, our benches offer a chance for a lasting tribute to them and a place for you to quietly remember. Adding a beautifully engraved memorial plaque offers a lasting memory. The exceptional quality and easy to maintain qualities from our entire bench range are sure to offer comfort for a very long time to come.

Of course, our benches are also great value seating for all parks, outdoor venues including pubs, hotel gardens and many leisure industry sites, offering both style and great value for all. Whether you are looking for a single bench or many we are here to assist.

Our benches are of commercial grade build quality so are exceptionally well suited to provide resting spots on walking trails, outdoor seating for offices and housing developments, village halls – wherever you can imagine a bench, we’re sure we’ll have something to suit.

The range of benches here offers seating for large numbers of people at an affordable price without compromising on comfort and durability. And, when space is limited or you want an escape away from your main outside dining areas, you can opt for something as small as our two seater bench range or companion seat to something larger, such as our 6 seater range.

Why not take a closer look at the range of benches we offer? We are sure you will find the perfect bench for you.