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Plants and Planters

We are delighted at Leisure Bench to offer a range of planters and feature plants. Whether you choose to purchase them in isolation, or to complement our range of outdoor and indoor furniture and accessories, you will not be disappointed. The beauty of a colourful flower display or a stunning tree can make your dining and leisure facilities even more attractive, even when you are lacking in gardening ability, they work equally well planted with artificial alternatives.

Our planters are made of our environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic, which, along with our range of 100% recycled benches and dining sets are made in house by Leisure Bench to an exceptionally high standard and quality that we are proud to guarantee for a minimum of 15 years.

We offer our planters in both black and brown in a range of three sizes, small, medium and large. These planters can be planted with individual plants, flowers and small trees making them ideal for use in many settings where formal gardens make for hard work. These planters are the ideal choice for many pub gardens, schools, shopping centres and corporate buildings, as well as country parks, car parks and housing and park seating areas. They are an easy to maintain aesthetically pleasing addition to any setting.

These also make ideal additions to both inside and outside motorway service areas to add a splash of interest and colour to an otherwise functional building. Whether you choose to plant them with real or artificial shrubs, flowers or trees, they offer easy maintenance, are weather resistant and great for the environment.

Creating a stunning display in restaurant or office setting is easy, especially outdoor dining areas or reception areas where gardening is not high on the agenda; you can simply plant them with artificial plants and let them look beautiful without the need for a gardener. They also offer a smart, maintenance-free solution for domestic gardens and driveways, garden rooms and conservatories or for your patio, balcony or terrace, equally at home indoors or out, country or city.

Leisure Benches are a market leading nationwide supplier offering an extensive range of high quality furniture for domestic and leisure industries, corporate reception and outdoor areas, green spaces and leisure facilities. Our range of planters and plants complement our extensive range of natural and man-made garden and indoor furniture, our range of parasols, sails, awnings and gazebos, bins, heaters and BBQs, make us the ideal place for your domestic and corporate leisure furniture needs. Why not check out the range for yourself?