Retail Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. The guarantee applies to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing faults and defects only. LeisureBench at their discretion will repair/refresh/replace the failed item.
  2. The standard guarantee is for the term specified from date of purchase. Some products are not covered (please see notes)
  3. LeisureBench reserves the right to substitute failed product with a similar item should the original product/colour no longer be available. The replacement product does not extend the original guarantee period.
  4. The product must only have been used for normal domestic purposes and not for any commercial or contract use what soever.
  5. The guarantee specifically excludes failure to observe reasonable care, maintenance and assembly. Willfull damage.
  6. The guarantee does not cover deterioration due to usual weathering process such as fading, and checking (natural cracks appearing in timber).
  7. Finishes on products are not covered by this guarantee as the life and performance of the finish is determined by care and the environment in which the product is used.

Notes: For your retail guarantee

  1. Products not covered by the commercial guarantee, unless stated otherwise, include: Parasols, Heaters, cushions, glass and any product where a one year guarantee is indicated.
  2. Aggressive cleaning products should not be used on any product surface.
  3. Timber is a natural product and will expand and contract in changing climatic conditions. This may lead to slight cracking which is perfectly normal and does not affect the longevity and structural strength of the product.
  4. Some fixings such nuts and bolts may need occasional tightening. This should be seen as normal maintenance.
  5. LeisureBench will not accept responsibility for damage caused by application of any oil, varnish, wood stain or cleaning products unless supplied or recommended by LeisureBench.
  6. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by events such as natural disaster, infestation, wind/flood/fire or glass breakage. LeisureBench cannot be held responsible for events outside of their control.