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  1. Available To Order Eco Partner Bench
    Eco Partner Bench
    As low as £340.00 £408.00
  2. Available To Order Eco Jude Arm Chair Eco Jude Arm Chair
    Eco Jude Arm Chair
    As low as £134.00 £160.80
  3. Available To Order Eco Jude Side Chair Eco Jude Side Chair
    Eco Jude Side Chair
    As low as £117.00 £140.40

3 products

Recycled Plastic Chairs

Upgrade your outdoor seating with our stunning range of recycled plastic garden chairs, designed to provide both comfort and sustainability.

At LeisureBench, we believe in the power of sustainability and eco-conscious living. Our recycled plastic outdoor chairs are designed to not only enhance your outdoor space but also contribute to a greener planet. Explore our diverse range of outdoor chairs crafted from recycled plastic materials and make an eco-friendly choice for your garden seating needs.

Add a touch of eco-luxury to your outdoor oasis for your home garden or make a statement of environmental responsibility in your business's outdoor areas. You can also enhance public spaces with eco-friendly seating solutions.

Our range of plastic garden chairs features side chairs, arm chairs & even 2 seat companion sets, available in a variety of colours including the popular Black, Brown and Grey options.

Many of our chairs can be paired with our recycled plastic tables to create your own bespoke dining sets.

Make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the comfort and style of our recycled plastic garden chairs. Shop now and transform your outdoor space into a sustainable haven of relaxation and beauty.

Built to a commercial standard, the our range of chairs are durable, robust and come with a 25 year guarantee*.

Browse our product category to discover the perfect recycled plastic garden chairs for your needs. Each product page offers detailed information, images, and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Need more help? Please contact our expert customer service team who will gladly assist you!