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Here at Leisurebench, we specialise in quality commercial outdoor furniture. We understand why this is important to the pub and bar industry.

We work with some of the biggest names in the business and provide a service tailored to each of their individual needs. Below are just a selection of the household names we supply:

  • Marstons
  • Stonegate
  • Slug and Lettuce
  • Yates
  • Walkabout
  • The Common Room
  • EiGroup
Entice Customers

When choosing which pub/bar to go in for that refreshing drink or hearty meal, customers often have a choice. Making your outdoor space attractive and comfortable plays a vital role in this decision. Old and worn furniture can put some customers off. Its often what a potential customers see's first and as we know "first impression count".

Increase space and maximise profit's

Creating efficient use of your outdoor space will increase the capacity of your venue. This will allow you to comfortably accommodate more customers, particularly in the summer months. More customers = more profits.

Customer Experience

Customers can be a very picky bunch. You want them to return as often as possible to enjoy your delicious food offering. However if a customer is uncomfortable or the table is wobbly, this can significantly effect their overall experience and therefore the likelihood of them returning again.

Quality and Design

All of our products are designed for commercial use. They are built to last. This means you can focus on running your pub/bar, safe in the knowledge that your furniture is covered by our standard 2 year commercial guarantee. On particular products such as our premium picnic tables we offer even longer.


We can deliver your products, fully assembled, place them on site where you want them to be, and on the day of your choosing. Eliminating the need for you to assemble seemingly endless amounts of furniture. Please speak to us for a quote on this service.

Continuity of supply

We have all had that situation where you buy multiple of one product, one breaks or goes missing, and you cannot find that same product anywhere again. This meaning the whole theme and effect you where looking for is tarnished. On all our key lines, we hold significant stocks guaranteeing that you can keep that look and feel you originally intended to achieve.


We understand that your brand is important to you. You want to sing it from the rooftops. We can supply a variety of branded furniture including parasols, planters, tables and even picnic tables. Please see our branding page for more details or contact us for a quote.

Contact Leisurebench

So if you manage an individual pub/bar or run a chain of venues (regardless of size) we are confident we have something that will meet both your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss the options.

Top 10 Selling Products For Pubs & Bars.


The top spot!

Aberdeen Heavy Duty Picnic Table

Aberdeen Heavy Duty Picnic Table

Prices from:  £219.20 Ex. VAT


A close second.

Foster - 8 Seat Picnic Table

Foster - 8 Seat Picnic Table

Prices from:  £107.20 Ex. VAT


Rounding out
the top 3.

Jersey- 6 to 8 Seat Picnic Table

Jersey- 6 to 8 Seat Picnic Table

Prices from:  £121.60 Ex. VAT


Jersey - 4 to 6 Seat Picnic Table

Jersey - 4 to 6 Seat Picnic Table

Prices from:  £105.60 Ex. VAT


York - 8 Seat Picnic Table

York - 8 Seat Picnic Table

Prices from:  £165.60 Ex. VAT


Hardwood Devon Dining Set Seats 4

Hardwood Devon Dining Set Seats 4

Prices from:  £208.00 Ex. VAT


Green Parasol

Green Parasol

Prices from:  £36.00 Ex. VAT


15kg Black Concrete Round Parasol Base

15kg Black Concrete Round Parasol Base

Prices from:  £14.80 Ex. VAT

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