Teak Dining Sets

Section Featured in: Grade A Teak Furniture Dining Sets

The Round Table Set

This Bistro set is compact, making it ideal for smaller areas either indoors or out.

Trade Price: £198.00

Witham Table Set

This is perfect for smaller outdoor areas. It has a wonderful criss cross design which showcases quality

Trade Price: £314.00

Stool Teak Set

Our low stool set is made to last from grade A teak, seats 4 and is easy to assemble

Trade Price: £375.00

Bistro Square Set

Made from grade A teak with fold away chairs. This set is ideal for patios and balconies.

Trade Price: £410.00

High Stool Teak Set

Our high stool set is made to last from grade A teak, and is easy to assemble

Trade Price: £422.00

Round Bistro Set

The round bistro teak set is perfect for smaller indoor and outdoor areas, where space is limited.

Trade Price: £450.00

Little Warwick Set

Perfect for making the most of a smaller space. This is a solid and sturdy table set.

Trade Price: £515.00

Warwick Bench Set

A great classic traditional looking teak coffee table set made from the finest Grade A Teak.

Trade Price: £537.00

Warwick Bistro Set

Traditional and classic in design, this dining set is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Trade Price: £538.00

Warwick High Table Bar Set

This set is a sturdy bar table that is robust and long lasting. Perfect for outdoor dining.

Trade Price: £682.00

The Warwick Bench Set

This set will seat 6 persons comfortably using a mixture of chairs and benches.

Trade Price: £786.00

Great Warwick Set

This impressive set can be seen in many pubs and restaurant gardens up and down the country.

Trade Price: £802.00

Windsor Coffee Table Set

This classic set is sturdy and strong and is ideal for both commercial and private gardens.

Trade Price: £848.00

Large Round Table Set

A 6 seater set .Comfortable, solid and convenient storage with stackable chairs.

Trade Price: £952.00

Stapleford Dining Set

Grade A teak used in construction design process make this stunning teak set exceptionally durable.

Trade Price: £1,060.00

St James Double Extending Table Set

This popular 8 seater teak set is sturdy and strong and ideal for both commercial and private garden

Trade Price: £1,339.00

Jubilee Double Extending Set

A grand design, Solid construction with a double extender and seating fit for a 10 strong banquet.

Trade Price: £1,513.00

Rockingham Extending Set

The Rockingham 10 Seater set is perfect for those who enjoy hosting. The table is double extending.

Trade Price: £1,639.00